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K7 Malware / Threat Researcher – LEVEL3

Job Location: Chennai
Job Type: Full Time


Robust proactive static and dynamic detection and cleanup of malware is extremely important to provide our millions of customers with protection from rapidly changing malware even before the malware is created. The techniques for proactive detection are an art form, especially where complex malware are concerned, and require a good understanding of x86 assembly, malware techniques, file formats (binary and text), and the changing nature of the threat landscape. A good appreciation for the issues related to vulnerabilities and exploits is also very important. Providing protection for complex malware may also involve high standards of coding and code reviews.

The primary focus is on providing comprehensive and robust proactive detection and cleanup for various families of complex malware.

Roles & Responsibilities

  • Submitting code to proactively detect and cleanup malware
  • Extensive peer code reviews
  • Provide technical training for others on a variety of topics. Be a mentor for others
  • Involvement in projects to enhance engine and product features
  • Extensive analysis of complex malware and detailed documentation on the same, as necessary
  • Publishing of whitepapers and conference papers
  • Provide analysis of software vulnerabilities and exploits
  • Contribute to enhanced automated detection techniques
  • Contribute to the process of quick and robust analysis for client incidents, adding detection, cleanup and malware information (for publication on the company website) as necessary. Meet incident turnaround deadlines
  • Contribute to the process of publishing rapid detection and cleanup data, passed through standard QA procedures, to provide robust client security. Weekend and shift working patterns may be a requirement given the comprehensive coverage for clients in multiple time zones

Skills & Experience


  • At least 3 years of experience in the computer security field
  • High proficiency in the English language
  • Expert knowledge of x86 assembly language and reverse engineering
  • Expert knowledge of Windows operating system internals
  • Expert knowledge of static and dynamic malware analysis tools, including disassemblers and debuggers
  • Knowledge of binary runtime packers, code obfuscation techniques and polymorphism
  • Experience in writing detection and cleanup code for complex malware, including polymorphic viruses and stealth malware
  • Experience in and knowledge of proactive detection techniques for complex malware
  • Ability to programme in the C language
  • Excellent documentation skills


  • Ability to write code to statically de-obfuscate binary and script files
  • Knowledge of mass detection automation techniques
  • Knowledge of endpoint and network dynamic detection techniques
  • Knowledge of software and network vulnerabilities and exploits
  • Ability to programme in a scripting language such as perl or python
  • Comfort with Unix/Linux operating systems and Unix command shell tools
  • Knowledge of various network protocols

Soft Skills & Behaviours


  • High standards of personal integrity
  • Excellent communication and team working ability
  • Experience in training others
  • Excellent reliability. Ability to consistently execute complex tasks with precision, quality and within a defined time frame without a need for supervision
  • Ability to accept responsibility and deliver accordingly. Some team-leading experience is a definite advantage
  • Comfort in interacting and communicating with non-technical departments